These are poems that I have particularly enjoyed, entered as I encounter them or remember recent work that I've read.  Many thanks to Jordan Davis for the idea.

Dobby Gibson Gone Before Octopus, Issue 5
G. C. Waldrep Ocean City, New Jersey, 1989 The Hat, 6
Maria Hummel Theory of the Wrists Pleiades, 25:2
Richard Siken Scheherazade Crush
Stan Mir Lacustrine Suite Octopus, Issue 5
Patricia Lockwood Blanch Chelsea
Stephen Schroeder Prayer to a Higher Horsepower 32 Poems, Vol. 3, #1
Mary Jo Bang Minnie Mouse Notre Dame Review, 19
Lara Glenum In the Gynecological Museum Pleiades, 25:2
Kirsten Kaschock Gallery of the Daughter La Petite Zine, #16
Kirsten Kaschock Blue Study Notre Dame Review, 19
Robin Reagler Dream Manifesto Pleiades, 25:2
Thom Schramm Veganville 32 Poems, Vol. 3, #1
Bob Hicok Cure for the Common Cold Insomnia Diary
Jennifer Michael Hecht The Propagation of the Species In Posse Review, #19
Ange Mlinko Outwitting Boy Scouts The Hat, 6
Victoria Chang Man in the White Truck Pleiades, 25:2
Albert Goldbarth Fahrenheit 451 Combinations of the Universe
Lola Haskins And the Wide Field In Posse Review, #19
Dean Young Whoz Side U On, Anyway? Elegy on Toy Piano
Dean Young Whirlpool Suite Elegy on Toy Piano
Jeff Clark G Major Quay Music and Suicide
Dean Young Sources of the Delaware Skid
Bob Hicok Becoming bird Insomnia Diary
Hannah Craig For N QED
Suzanne Frischkorn Peony Red Paper Flower
Molly Arden The Sex Was Consensual NoTell Motel
Laura Cronk A Public Body NoTell Motel
Jill Alexander Essbaum A Razor to the Throat Ought to Do It­- NoTell Motel
Patricia Lockwood Book of Watchers Alsop Review
Julie Carter Sparrow Sonnet Alsop Review
Geri Doran The Bitter Season Resin, and The American Poet
Joshua Corey Four Corners Fourier Series
Marlys West We Made You Out Of Wax Notre Dame Review, Summer 2005
Henry Hart Mirrors and Sunfish Notre Dame Review, Summer 2005
Ryan G. Van Cleave Charles Darwin Reconsidering His Theory of Evolution Notre Dame Review, Summer 2005
James Haug Accumulation Black Warrior Review, Spring/Summer 2005
Patricia Brody Oh Modern Barrow Street, Summer 2005
Jane Rice Madame Matisse/Henri Matisse Barrow Street, Summer 2005
G.C. Waldrep Ghost Bosons of the Saints Barrow Street, Summer 2005
Sam Witt Bird of Paradise & Inferno Barrow Street, Summer 2005
Lee Upton The Cloud Eaters APR, Sep/Oct 2005
Amy Gerstler For My Niece Sidney, Age Six APR, Sep/Oct 2005
Bob Hicok Panhandling discourse APR, Sep/Oct 2005
Bob Hicok The naturalist at work APR, Sep/Oct 2005
James Wagner from Trilce jubilat ten
Justin Lacour Astoria jubilat ten
Laurel Snyder You'd Come To My House If I Were Sleeping The Canary, 4
G.C. Waldrep The God-Merchants The Canary, 4
Julianne Buchsbaum Dear Beekeeper, The Canary, 4
Frank Matagrano Throwing a Shoe at the Branch Greatest Hits, 1995-2005
Frank Matagrano A Governor for Your Flippancy Greatest Hits, 1995-2005
Frank Montesonti Redundancy of Light Alaska Quarterly Review, Vol. 22 No. 1 & 2
Suzanne Frischkorn Youth Drowns in Housatonic River Spring Tide
Arielle Greenberg The Missing, The Maybe My Kafka Century
Cynthia Reeves Good Friday Crab Orchard Review, Vol 10, No. 2
Rebecca Loudon Given Lilacs, Lilacs Disappear Radish King
Eric Thomas Laugh Track QED