Every night a different cat curls up
on the radiator. Pockets of banknotes with some queen
in relief. When I think I miss you, I lose myself
on a lanai with deckchairs and frank ashtrays. Since you asked,
I'll mention that it's cold here at night, and I still sleep
on the floor and shave in the shower. Did you
finish Ulysses? I forget where I am, but I can hear
the highway and someone is grilling plantains. I keep a map
with the best places marked with crosses. A runner
brought me your telegram -- I sensed heat
in your clipped speech. It's probably my postcards, umbrellas
on the Quai d'Orsay purchased in a 12-pack. This room
has no baseboards and they've been lowering the ceiling. Will you marry
that merchant marine? A couple was making love in the lobby, and the locals
say the moon bewitches the fish. I've seen them cast their nets
at night. Forgive me, I bought a boat after selling your photographs. I'll write
when I reach port. I'll call when they invent telephones.