Some Publications

Many thanks to the journals that have accepted these poems for publication.  

Anabasis, Iowa Review, Winter 2005
Brand Loyalty , Raven Chronicles, Fall 2004
Buona Fortuna, The Journal, Fall 2008.
Christening, Southern Poetry Review, Spring 2004
Cosmology of Want, Court Green, Fall 2007
Confluence of Hungers, Black Warrior Review, Fall 2003
Do The Math, Spoon River Poetry Review, Spring 2005
Diaspora, Eleventh Muse, Spring 2006.
Dinosaurs, Spoon River Poetry Review, Spring 2005
Exile, Cream City Review, Spring 2004
First Accidental Day of Winter, 32 Poems, Fall 2005
First Star, Modulo the Moon, Verse, Spring 2006.
Girl Gives Birth to Trilobite, Barrow Street, 2001.
How Eloquent Our Intentions, The Journal, Fall 2008.
I Lose My Mother in A Forest Fire, Indiana Review, Winter 2002
Interviewing The Gods, Notre Dame Review, Fall 2004.
Mit Zurück, Indiana Review, Winter 2001.
MST, Blackbird, Fall 2008.
Nothing But Biography, Pleiades, Fall/Winter 2004.
Our Science, Black Warrior Review, Fall/Winter 2002.
Pearl Street, Eleventh Muse, Spring 2006.
Poem That Begins With An Excerpt From Bertrand Russell’s Biography, Spoon River Poetry Review, Spring 2005
Spin, Green Mountains Review, Spring 2004
The History of Bluegrass, Court Green, Fall 2007
Western Therapy, Faultline, Fall/Winter 2004

From the School of Pseudo-Non-Quietude

Colorado, POOL, Fall/Winter 2004
O the Crippled Government of Love, Verse, Spring 2006.
Not Exactly Cream-Colored Ponies

For Junie

Easter and the Agnostic
Billet-Doux (originally published in Swink)
Confluence of Hungers, (originally published in Borderlands)
Just Stay With Me (originally published in The Journal)
Theory (originally published in Notre Dame Review)
Barker Apologizes for Rewriting History
Betrayal of Images (originally published in Runes)
Junie Reads Ali

Goodbye, Junie

Note from the Floe
Alley (originally published in 32 Poems)
Diagnosis (originally published in Two Weeks)
The Smallest Aiport in the World
My Precious
Note to the Newly Lost (originally published in Copper Nickel)

Afters and Quasi-Afters

Billy Collins' Forgetfulness by Mary Jo Bang
Four Red Wheelbarrows (originally published in Pearl)
Red (After Billy Collins)
Riding Hood Tales
Song of the Mountain Maiden (translated from a recently discovered poem by Pablo Neruda)
Reading Hemingway at the Hotel Torrequebrada
The Owl & The Pussycat (after Agha Shahid Ali)
At Which Point, We Lose Volume IX, The Canary (River Review), Spring 2003 (originally, a riff on Jorie)
Reading Ashbery in Eau Claire (originally published in Underwood Review)
Guitar Case, 32 Poems, Spring 2004  (Originally, a riff on Matthea Harvey)


Pinocchio in New Mexico (originally in Underwood Review)
In The Bunker
Last American Diner
Supper Sonnet
Thanksgiving with the Inlaws


Women and Bird in the Moonlight, Eleventh Muse, Spring 2006.
The Weeping Woman


The Sisterhood of Saint Philomena
Walking Reliquary
We Have Nothing To Fear
Threads (originally published in Melic Review)

Poems in MP3 Audio

Spin (first published in Green Mountains Review)
Nothing But Biography (first published in Pleiades)
Barker Apologizes for Rewriting History
Just Stay With Me, Here
Interviewing the Gods (first published in Notre Dame Review)
Colorado (first published in POOL)