Cosmology of Want

Here we all live in a state of ambitious poverty ó Decimus Junius Juvenalis

Seven stars line up and thereís your Ursa Minor. The rest are depressed
     about the rain over Climax, Saskatchewan. All that fusion going to waste
          for lack of ambition.
And that man with his land: The sound of a fence falling,

Picket by picket, should bring the Boadicea out in him. This smelter thatís cool
     to the touch doesnít mean you canít be a Greeter. I mean thereís always work
          somewhere. A man kills an immigrant dry cleaner, two examples of initiative. OK,

that's cold, but I have a photograph of the men of Leadville, two to a small room,
     sleeping with the train mules. Thereís a lesson in parsimony. I live on shelter rice
          and my neighborís Swiss chard. I stand on my toilet seat and look out the window.

Each quadrant of the cross an opportunity. Try living on trickle-down, thatís all
     Iím saying, and pray with the mailman. And say something gutsy like: heart
          of a star. Thatís where the pressure is, thatís where the metalís made.