Barker Apologizes for Rewriting History

First, your point about the changes in Cheyenne. It started with fewer forts
in the Territories. And yes, now, Lakota amble through our leasehold
casino with cups of nickels (feathered edges, no Buffaloes). You were also

right about that time on the island Ė the Spaniards on the mainland just exhausted
themselves shooting orchids from the upper limbs. Perhaps, I didnít wear them
in my hair the day I intimated commitment, but Iím sure about the Dutch

avoiding the Tulip Boom. Blame my trauma on the Battle for Casper. I love
your Tagalog, the eyeshadow on your epicanthic fold. I never meant that crack
about the Russian on your motherís side. Iíll wash your feet in rose-water, rearrange

the dates of glaciation. Re: our trip to Little America Ė a lot of tuxes, but not
the same as matrimony. I see the flaw in my logic, though I contend
Lady Tasmanís appeal was mainly whalebone. I have learned to love

your charcoal ceremony and the clouds will never again remind me of any train ride
that ends in impromptu conjugation. Iím a changed man, except my adamance
that twice bitten, forever vegetarian. Not that your lips arenít a writ in the making:

rack of lamb, rack of lamb. God, I wish theyíd invented agnostics. Somebody
hit the slots downstairs. The French take back Agincourt and you in that puma-skin.