The Owl & The Pussycat

After Agha Shahid Ali

In a lentil-green boat that was wrong for the sea,
they brought honey and money along to the sea.

With his smallish guitar, Owl strummed love to Pussy,
as her silence subtracted the song of the sea.

Owl then bartered a ring from the pig on the shore,
slipped the gold round her paw and rowed strong to the sea.

He wore grays and a morning coat right for the night.
She waxed tropical - wore a sarong on the sea.

They held hands on the beach, ate with runcible spoons,
Pastor Turkey made haste, a furlong from the sea.

Between minces and quinces, they offered their vows,
and the light on the waves made them long for the sea.

The moon lit their dancing, the stars their embrace,
but the pull of their love was too strong for the sea.

What's on earth may reside in a child's reverie,
but the tales of love's whimsy belong to the sea.